Mark Irlam

Solicitor Tel: 01282 422 711 Direct Dial: 01282 470 317
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Mark is a solicitor in our litigation department. He has over 17 years experience in a range of civil litigation and disputes.  He has represented individual clients and commercial clients in those disputes.  He has experience in dealing with accident victims and victims of medical negligence.  One highlight in his career to date is dealing with the victim of a road traffic accident who required a below knee amputation and proving that the accident was not caused by the claimant motorcyclist but by the Defendant and proving that the motorcyclist was not to blame partly or in whole for the accident.

Mark has always fought for his clients’ needs and has had some fantastic victories in his litigation career which started in criminal litigation and subsequently moved to civil litigation. Mark is one of a few people who has had a client acquitted of murder and has also brought claims for those severely injured in accidents.  Mark has a keen interest in the victims of accidents and medical negligence.  He has dealt with people who have suffered with spinal injuries, brain injuries, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, amputations, bone injuries, soft tissue injuries and many more.

His civil litigation experience is in contractual disputes, debt recovery, Wills, probate and Trusts including Inheritance Act claims, challenging the validity of Wills and disputes relating to performance of executors, personal representatives and trustees. He is continually developing knowledge in all areas of the law that he practices in.


Mark joined Southerns in January 2016 having previously worked in the East Lancashire area for over 17 years before working in Leeds for just under 6 months. Mark was educated at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School before successfully completing his legal practice course at Manchester Metropolitan University. Mark is from Burnley having been born in the area. Mark spends most of his time with his family but now also continues to enjoy playing tennis, golf (although not very well) and watching both Burnley Football Club and Manchester United.


  1. Claimant sustained a spinal injury and loss of left leg because of an accident at work. Claimant received £2.3 million compensation.
  2. Claimant suffered below knee amputation because of an accident at work. Claimant awarded £800,000 compensation.
  3. Claimant injured whilst moving a barrel on defendant’s premises which someone had lit a fire next to, barrel exploded in his face. Barrel had been found in an unsecure skip. Claimant loss of vision in both eyes. Claimant awarded substantial compensation.
  4.  Claimant suffered below knee amputation because of a motorcycle accident. Defendant driver uninsured, Claimant found not to have contributed to accident after 3 day trial. Claimant awarded substantial compensation.
  5.  Claimant suffered severe whiplash injury which developed into fibromyalgia. Claimant awarded substantial compensation.
  6.  Claimant injured in Road Traffic Accident, liability admitted, Claimant suffered with chronic pain, awarded £50,000.00.
  7.  Case taken over from other solicitors after they had told client he would not obtain compensation. Claimant injured at work, suffering back injury. Claimant awarded £over £30,0000 compensation.
  8.  Clamant fell off unsecure landing suffering head injury, awarded substantial compensation.